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An "Order Book 100 Leaf" is a bound book designed for recording orders placed by customers or clients. Dimension 200 x 125mm, denotes the size of the order book. Like the delivery book mentioned earlier, it's relatively compact and portable, suitable for recording information efficiently. Page 200 indicates the total number of individual pages in the book. Leaf 100, specifies that there are 100 sheets of paper, with each sheet considered a leaf (as one leaf comprises two pages, front and back).  It provides a systematic way to record orders, maintaining a chronological order of incoming requests or purchases. An order book serves as an essential record of transactions, detailing what customers have ordered and when. Helps in avoiding mistakes or misunderstandings by ensuring that orders are correctly written down and verified. It allows businesses to track orders efficiently, aiding in better customer service by providing accurate information on order status and history. Acts as a formal record, aiding in resolving any disputes or discrepancies related to orders placed. Offers a structured format for order-taking, saving time and effort by providing predefined fields or sections for essential order information. Businesses, particularly those involved in retail, wholesale, or service industries, commonly use order books. They are utilized by salespersons, customer service representatives, or anyone responsible for taking and processing orders. The order book is a vital tool for maintaining accurate records of transactions and ensuring the smooth processing of orders within a business.




  • Dimension: 200 x 125mm
  • Page: 200
  • Leaf: 100


SKU: 7010967
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