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A Delivery Book Carbon Triplicate is a type of book used in business or commercial settings to document deliveries made from one party to another. It consists of multiple layers of paper, typically three (triplicate), with each layer having a coating of carbon between them. When writing on the top sheet, the pressure applied transfers the writing onto the subsequent sheets due to the carbon coating, creating duplicate or triplicate copies of the original document. Provides an efficient way to maintain records of deliveries made or received by creating multiple copies simultaneously. This aids in accurate documentation and tracking of transactions. Generates duplicate or triplicate copies instantly without the need for photocopying or additional equipment, saving time and effort. Allows for immediate confirmation and verification of the transaction details as both the sender and receiver have copies of the same information. Reduces the need for manual copying or re-entering information into separate documents, streamlining administrative processes. Provides legally acceptable copies for both parties involved in the transaction, serving as proof of delivery or receipt of goods or services. Facilitates easier reconciliation and serves as an audit trail for accounting purposes, ensuring accuracy in financial records. Can be used in various industries such as logistics, transportation, retail, or any business involving the delivery of goods or services. Eliminates the hassle of needing additional equipment or technology to create duplicate records, making it a convenient and practical solution for documenting deliveries.




  • Dimension: 200 x 125mm
  • Page: 200
  • Leaf: 100


SKU: 7012961
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