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The "Invoice and Statement Book 100 Leaf" is designed for keeping records of invoices and statements. The primary purpose of this book is likely to create and keep a record of invoices. Businesses can use it to document sales transactions, including details such as product or service description, quantity, price, and total amount. The book can serve as a ledger for financial records, tracking income from sales transactions. It helps in maintaining an organized and systematic record of financial transactions for bookkeeping purposes. The "Statement" aspect of the book suggests that it can be used to provide customers with statements of their account activity. With 200 pages (100 leaves), the book provides ample space for documenting a significant number of transactions over time. The sequential nature of the pages helps maintain a chronological order of transactions. The layout of the pages is likely designed with sections for important information, ensuring that all necessary details can be included. It is often a requirement for tax and audit purposes. Depending on the design, these books may have carbon-copy or duplicate/triplicate forms, allowing the creation of multiple copies of each transaction. This can be useful for providing copies to customers, accountants, or for archival purposes. The detailed records in the book can serve as a reference in case of disputes with customers or during financial audits. Having a well-documented history of transactions is crucial for resolving any discrepancies. The "Invoice and Statement Book 100 Leaf" is a crucial tool for businesses to maintain a systematic and detailed record of financial transactions, particularly for invoicing and providing statements to customers.




  • Dimension: 250 x 200mm
  • Page: 200
  • Leaf: 100


SKU: 7020722
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