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An invoice and statement book with carbon is designed for efficient billing, invoicing, and financial record-keeping. The inclusion of carbon paper between pages enables the creation of duplicate copies while writing. When an invoice or statement is written on the top page, the pressure transfers the writing onto subsequent pages, creating an instant duplicate. This allows for multiple copies of the same record without the need for additional equipment. The book provides a structured format for creating invoices and statements, including sections or columns for essential details such as invoice numbers, dates, client information, items sold or services rendered, quantities, rates, totals, and payment information. The carbon copies act as a record of transactions, providing an instant duplicate of the issued invoice or statement. This aids in maintaining accurate records of financial transactions, outstanding balances, and client interactions. Carbon copies generated by the book are considered legally recognized documentation of transactions. These records are crucial for tax purposes, audits, or in the event of disputes or discrepancies. The pre-formatted structure of the book streamlines the invoicing process, ensuring all necessary information is included in each invoice or statement. This structured layout enhances organization and reduces errors. With 200 pages (100 leaves), the book provides a substantial amount of space for recording invoices and statements before needing a replacement. This ensures long-term usage and record-keeping. The larger dimensions (250 x 200mm) offer ample space for writing and readability. This is beneficial for maintaining clear and legible records, especially when dealing with significant amounts of information. Overall, an invoice and statement book with carbon copies is a reliable and structured tool for businesses to manage their financial transactions, maintain accurate records, and facilitate organized billing processes.




  • Dimension: 250 x 200mm
  • Page: 200
  • Leaf: 100


SKU: 7000342
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