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The "Cash Receipt Book 100 Leaf" is designed for recording and documenting cash transactions where payments are received. The primary purpose of this receipt book is to issue official receipts for cash transactions. This is common in businesses where customers make payments in cash for products or services. The book is used to keep a systematic and organized record of all cash transactions. Each receipt serves as evidence of a completed transaction, providing details such as the date, amount received, purpose of payment, and any other relevant information. The receipt book likely has sequential numbering for each receipt. This helps in maintaining a clear and organized record of transactions. Sequential numbering is also useful for referencing and tracking purposes. Depending on the design, these books may have carbon-copy or duplicate forms, allowing the creation of multiple copies of each receipt. This can be useful for providing copies to customers, maintaining records for the business, or for compliance purposes. The dimensions of 100 x 125mm make this receipt book small and portable. It can be easily carried in a cashier's drawer, a bag, or kept at a point of sale for quick access. With 100 leaves, the book provides space for documenting up to 100 transactions. This page count is suitable for businesses with moderate to high transaction volumes. The recorded cash transactions in the receipt book serve as a reference for accounting and taxation purposes. Accurate and organized record-keeping is crucial for financial reporting and fulfilling tax obligations. The use of a cash receipt book contributes to maintaining a professional and organized image for the business. It adds an element of transparency and trust in financial transactions.




  • Dimension: 100 x 125mm
  • Page: 200
  • Leaf: 100


SKU: 7006364
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