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The "Carbon Book Duplicate Plain" is a duplicate notepad that contains carbon paper between each leaf, allowing for duplication of whatever is written or drawn on the top sheet onto the one underneath it. The carbon paper between the pages allows for the creation of duplicate copies of whatever is written or drawn on the top sheet. This can be useful for record-keeping, documentation, or providing copies to multiple parties simultaneously without the need for a photocopier or printer. It provides a quick and straightforward way to create duplicates without needing any additional equipment. Simply write or draw on the top sheet, and the carbon paper transfers the content to the sheet beneath it. It offers a physical duplicate record, which can be advantageous in situations where digital copies might not suffice or for industries that require hard copies for legal or archival purposes. Unlike digital duplication methods, carbon duplicate books don't rely on electricity or technology, making them suitable for situations where power sources might be limited or unreliable. The pages are blank, providing flexibility in what can be written or drawn. It contains 200 pages, equating to 100 leaves considering the duplication functionality. These carbon duplicate books are commonly used in various industries for invoices, receipts, delivery notes, order forms, and other documentation that requires instant duplication or record-keeping.




  • Dimension: 200 x 125mm
  • Layout: Blank
  • Page: 200
  • Leaf: 100


SKU: 7001157
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