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      Luxor Eco Textliter Yellow Pack 12

      SKU: 420/12BX
      • The Luxor Eco Textliter is great for highlighting important text, drawings and more. The ink is fast drying, so it won't smudge on your pages and is encased in a polypropylene barrel to prevent the ink inside from drying out. These textliters are comprised of several features which includes hydrocarbon tip for smooth and clear marking on all kinds of paper, text, fax and copy, Chisel nib for fine and broad lines (1-4.5mm), made from 73% recycled materials, non-toxic ultra-bright inks, fluorescent water-based ink for smooth writing that won’t bleed through paper, twist cap for easy opening, perfect for colour coding or drawing your attention to a specific piece of information. Luxor is the reliable choice for essential office stationery that is of great quality and value for money.


        • Colour: Yellow
        • Chisel Tip
        • Fluorescent water-based ink
        • Recap after use
        • Box of 12
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