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    Inkglide Box 100

    SKU: 16600/50BOX
    • Luxor Ink glide pens come with a snug grip and have a ballpoint which enables you to write smoothly. The ballpoint makes it clean to put writing on paper without the chance of ink drying up. These pens also are long-lasting and strong and may withstand a certain amount of impact. These pens are made from the finest quality that you get the best in terms of both durability and performance. We offer enhanced quality Luxor Icy ball pens which are made from superior quality raw material to display improved features. These pens are comprised of several features including strong pocket clip, slim and smooth barrel, ultra-low viscosity ink, ridged grip for effortless writing. To meet the necessities of our clients, we are offering these products in several vivid colors. Luxor focus ball pens are suitable for precision writing, signing, and more. Luxor pens are reliable and perfect for general use at home, school, or office. These bulk pens are reliable everyday writing companions you can count on. Ballpoint pens rarely get clogged or dried up as other pens can. There is a clear advantage to ballpoint pens, they can write in any direction. And for instant dry and a tactile feel of ink on paper ballpoint is a good idea. These ball pens come in a bulk pack of 100. The different colored ink makes these pens suitable for all your writing needs. Plus, this bulk pack will last for a long time.


      • Brand Name: Luxor
      • Tip Size: 1.0 mm nickel silver T.C. Ball tip
      • Ultra-Low viscosity ink
      • Ridged grip for effortless writing
      • Packaged in a Tumbler
      • Triangular shape for effortless writing.
      • Assorted colours
      • Transparent Body Type
      • Sales package: 100
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