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Flags Sign Here Colour Tip Yellow, 50 Sheets

SKU: 7729-11
  • Draw attention to critical items or use them to index, file or color-code your work, either at home, work or in the classroom. Adhesive Flags make it simple to mark, flag or highlight important information. They stick securely, remove cleanly and come in a wide variety of colors. These flags help you find what you want, exactly when you need it. They stick securely to the inside of planners, binders, calendars, and journals so you'll always be organized for class. These eye-catching, colorful flags can help keep you organized and stay productive. Use them to eliminate confusion when signatures are required or differentiate areas that need to be reviewed. The flags are great to use for color coding and managing day-to-day tasks. Flags come in both solid color and with white space. Both can be easily written on to provide that essential note to accompany the information being called out.


    • Water based glue
    • Made in Germany –Premium Quality
    • 50 sheets
    • Dispenser is made to fit in desk top organizers keeping flags close
    • Colour: yellow
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