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Correction Pen 9mL

SKU: 21896941
  • A correction fluid or white-out is an opaque, usually white, fluid applied to paper to mask errors in text. The Finest 1mm metal tip correction pen is ideal for small print and detail work. Just apply and start writing over it, as the fast-drying nature of the pen ensures no waiting time. Its choke free, so next time you choke on a mistake just open the transparent cap and let no one know of the blunders made. Correction pen works on ballpoint, rollerball, felt tip marker ink, photocopies, computer printouts, typewritten documents and handwriting. Shake well before use until the interior ball is heard. These white markers effortlessly cover up the mistakes, making your documents look perfect. They also come with convenient features which includes comfortable, ergonomic grips which assure the correct flow of the fluid, and clips so that you can carry the pen in your pocket.


    • Fast drying
    • Choke Free
    • Transparent cap
    • Squeezable body for increased control
    • Contains 9ml
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