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      SKU: 6106/12Box
      • Brush markers give a translucent watercolor effect with the ease of a pen. Students can now create beautiful water colour without the inconvenience of using of water, palette, brush and colour. Brush pens are markers with a very tapered end, almost like a brush. They are widely used in Calligraphy and lettering work because the width of the stroke changes with pressure. More pressure means a wider stroke, which makes them exceptionally versatile for drawing. The more pressure that you put on the pen the thicker the stroke is going to be for your calligraphy. They are perfect to practice and easier than using an actual brush or a dip pen because they are less likely to drop ink accidentally. When using a brush marker for calligraphy you need to change the pressure to create strokes with different widths, creating beautiful contrast. Drawing with brush markers is very similar to using other types of markers, with the added flexibility of different width strokes. For drawing and detail work, brush markers are awesome. They are a favourite for comic artists as they can be used for lettering and actual drawing. With just a few markers you can create many different artwork styles and cool lettering effects.


        • Colouring markers
        • 12 supers bright colours
        • polyester brush tip like artist's paint brush.
        • Non-toxic
        • Washable
        • Water based ink.
        • Ventilated safety cap
        • Recap When Not in Use
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