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    Chalk Marker 1

    SKU: 3044/3 BC
    • Express yourself and be artistic! Do homework fun and create extraordinary projects for school. Chalk markers are white like traditional coloring tools. These erasable chalk markers let artists draw and doodle on windows, mirrors, or frames. Erasable markers can also be used on items like ceramic tiles, rocks, glass and much more. Ideal for temporary marking on black board, glass, plastic & non-porous surfaces of any color pigment ink that develops OPACITY as ink dries and gives color bursting chalk effect. These markers will add a splash of color to decorations for holidays and special occasions, and are perfect for vibrant, decorative displays for your home, business, or elsewhere. They are safe for children ages 3 and up, these markers can be used for a variety of fun and thrilling activities. You can use them to label jars and other household items or leave messages for friends and family to post around the home. They are also perfect for storefronts, restaurants, and bars. Grab the attention of customers to businesses and special events with eye catching neon posters, signs, and menus. Add persona to any sign in an easy and affordable way. Do not worry about smearing, streaking, or smudging. These markers are completely dust-free.


      • 1 x Box of 3 White Colour
      • Line Width 1 mm
      • Bullet Tip
      • Ventilated safety cap
      • Wet Erase
      • Use Damp Cloth
      • Washable
      • Recap the marker tightly after use.
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