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      SKU: 6180/12Box
      • Luxor Broad Line Markers are kids’ favorites, long-lasting, durable markers which are fun to color with. 12 brilliant colors, which don't bleed through most paper is washable and nontoxic. The marker comes with a hydrocarbon tip. It has a non-toxic, washable water-based ink. It is specially designed for drawing & writing, and has a ventilated safety cap. This marker is ideal for greeting cards, posters, charts etc. These markers let kids color in a big way. Markers are washable from skin clothing and now painted walls! Great for classrooms. The markers are perfect for coloring large areas. Broad Line Markers with conical tip allows kids to color with thick lines or draw with thin lines. Create colorful masterpieces with thick or thin lines. Luxor Broad Line Markers are great for any child looking to create with ease, in school and at home! Featuring 12 vibrant colors, Luxor Markers is a classic art tool for arts and crafts, school supplies, and more. Conical tips make it easy to color in detailed areas or lay down full coverage lines.


        • 12 different colors
        • Broad line markers
        • Washable from skin, clothing, and painted walls
        • AP Certified nontoxic.
        • Great coloring supplies for kids, ages 3 & up.
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