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A4 96 Pages Grid Graph 10mm 55 GSM

SKU: 4878055
  • A grid book is a sketchbook that consists of continuous square grid lines throughout the paper. The uniformly divided grid on the paper helps to improve accuracy in your drawing or writing. The most prominent use of a grid book is for mathematical and geometric computing and design. It is used in all types of art forms like pencil sketches, calligraphy to watercolors. They are excellent for almost any design project, be it Architecture, Interior Design, UI, UX, Web Design, Logo design, Typography, Mandala Design or Bullet Journal. Square Grid book is ideal for Engineer, Artist, College Students, Accountant and Architects. Can be used for notes, sketches, musings, and more. Lines are 10mm apart. The grid helps to improve accuracy and enhance your skills, along with perfection while drawing. With grid books, you can keep aside the scale and pencil. Also, the struggle to draw equal lines for calligraphy is drastically reduced. It is one of the most preferred techniques to create a uniform artwork of all forms because of the proper ratio of lines used.


    Paper Weight: 55GSM

    Size: A4

    Layout: Grid

    Line Size: 10mm

    Pages: 96

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