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24 Luxor Colouring Texters-Markers - PK 1

SKU: 6101-24

    Colouring marker pens are excellent for introducing children to the world of liquid colours in a pen form. Luxor coloring markers come in bright and vibrant shades and can be used for marking, sketching, colouring and writing. Features water-based ink are washable and non-toxic. The ink is designed to dry quickly and is washable, so it won't stain your skin or clothes. Each marker has a fine fiber tip point for precise lineal detail. Ideal for sketching and coloring. The pens come with a ventilated cap for child safety.


    • Pack 24 Vibrant Colours
    • No Push Back Strong Nibs
    • Ventilated Child Safe Caps
    • Non-Toxic ASTM Approved
    • Washable from Skin and most Fabrics
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