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2 Duke & Preston Terry Tea Towels - PK 1

SKU: 772678
  • A true kitchen essential, this terry tea towel is made of a soft and absorbent terry cotton. Designed to be slightly larger than most tea towels, which gives you more drying area and helps it last a bit longer before needing a wash. Since they're so absorbent, they should help the drying up go a bit quicker. Featuring a check print in a variety of colours. It’s made of cotton blend, so it absorbs moisture and dries quickly. They come in different colour and are made of 100% soft cotton. All our tea towels are easy to care since they can be machine washed. Suitable for both drying dishes and even to use as a handy cloth to wipe your hands off when cooking. These tea towels are perfect for home use and ideal for restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, pubs, catering schools, industrial kitchens, hotels or B&B's.


    • The pack contains 2 towels.
    • All prices exclude GST & Delivery.
    • Actual product may slightly vary from images shown.
    • Size: Large
    • Dimension: 46cm x 72cm
    • 100% soft cotton
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