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12 Twist Crayons - PK 1

SKU: 22035035
  • KIDSTUFF Twistable are wax sticks with an added twist. Simply twist the end of the barrel and you're ready for drawing fun. These crayons will draw thick, bold lines in a variety of colours. The barrels make these crayons easy to hold and allow you to draw and colour for longer without exhausting. These crayons will never need to be sharpened and creates no mess; you simply twist the barrel to propel the crayon. The crayons inside the barrel are break-resistant. These crayons come in a clear plastic barrel which keeps them from breaking and allows you to see how much colour is left inside. There are no labels to peel and with 12 vibrant colours to choose from, they're sure to set your imagination whirling.


    • Propelling Crayons
    • Pack of 12 assorted colours
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