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Offering smooth highlighting and effortless underlining, this 12-pack of Chisel Tip Jumbo Highlighters work well for school, home, and office. Use the highlighters to call out important notes in textbooks when studying, to put emphasis on information in documents and reports at work, or to attract attention to special events, appointments, and budgets at home. With 12 in the pack, it’s easy to keep the highlighters within reach, whether placed in a desk drawer, by the computer, or in a backpack. Fabricated with a molded chisel tip, the highlighters work well for both broad highlighting and fine underlining. The pen-style highlighters offer a narrow barrel to safeguard a comfortable grip for reduced hand fatigue. Each pen-style highlighter comes with a removable cap that fits securely on the end. The cap’s built-in clip makes it feasible to secure the highlighter to a pocket or planner for convenient manageability.




  • Molded narrow chisel tip for broad highlighting, fine underlining, or writing notes.
  • Pocket-style design with narrow barrel offers easy control and a comfortable grip.
  • Removable cap stores on the end.
  • A built-in clip attaches to a pocket or book for sleek portability.
  • Ink Colour: Yellow
  • Point Type: Chisel

12 Jumbo Highlighters, Yellow - PK 1

SKU: 4291
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